Thursday, June 05, 2014


I finally finished stitching and framing
This has been a year long project, and I am just so glad it is finished.  I am now stitching another sheep design to go along with it.
susieq (51.2 lbs)
May Your Guardian Angel Watch Over You!!



Rita said...

I love this!!

I have plans to stitch it similarly.

Mary Ann said...

WOW! Such a special finish!! And, such a creative way of stitching the Little Sheep Virtues

CalamityJr said...

Oh, my goodness - this is amazing! Did you do the center design over two and the virtues over 1? I need to retire; I don't see any other way I'd be able to do this, and I love what you've created.

Congratulations on your continued weight loss. Just over a pound a week is the right way to do it, so I'd say you're doing a great job with that as well as your stitching. Now if I could just follow you on this journey, too!

I finally got to the Counted Needle (my birthday present, back in April - I told my husband I knew exactly what I wanted, and he was pleased not to have to think of anything, haha). Thank you for leading my way. It was so nice to actually see and feel flosses and fabrics.

Have a beautiful weekend, and thank you for sharing your newest beautiful finish.

fleur en fée un max said...

it's wonderfull, congratulation!
 Karine ❤*•. ✿¸.•*☆

Glenys said...

Your Sheep virtues are beautiful what a great way to deliver the Lords messages thank you Glenys