Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Although I kept track of everyone's blog that I followed, I took time off from writing on mine.  As I wrote before, it got to be a chore and something I felt I had to do, rather than something I enjoyed and wanted to do.

What I've been up to since I've been taking my break:

I decided to start eating healthier, more veggies-less junk, etc., and rejoined Weight Watcher's on Sept 24, 2013.  The weight is going off very, very, very slowly, but that's OK.  For those who have followed my blogging since the beginning, you might remember this weight loss journey from the past, but like a lot of people, I have lost enough weight in my 62 yrs. to make up quite of few people.  Every time I lose the weight it seems to come right back and find me and bring a little extra for company.  Hopefully this time it will be gone for good. LOL, we'll see, because I don't care how many diets, I mean life changes, I make, I still like junk food, and desserts and carbs.   I hope you don't mind, but like I did before, I will track my progress on my blogging posts when I do a new one, this helps with accountability and helps keeps me motivated.  As of last weigh in (Tuesday morning 3/4) I'm down 35.4 lbs.

Below are some pictures of some of the crafty things that I have been creating since we last talked.

This was something I stitched for a good friend, Bobby
She made it into a pillow that she displayed.
This was an ornament that I made, the button in the center is covered by
the material that was used.  I just have to put a hanger of some kind on it.
This is where I am with my LHN Sheep Virtues WIP.  The  
center is a shortened version of LHN "My Sheep"
This was stitched over 1 and went on my Family Wall.  It was a
favorite quote my Uncle liked.  It hangs by his picture.

This also is on my Family Wall.  It is a portion of a LK design.

Family Wall.  These are old pictures of Family, most of whom are gone now.

Combination of 2 older free patterns, LK & Trail Creek Farm.
This is a combination of scrapbook things and cross stitch framed.
It hung on my front door.
I saw this on Pinterest, and painted blocks of wood and made the hats.
My cousin became a Grandma again this Fall, so I made this for the baby.
I really enjoy using scrapbooking paper and embellishment supplies to decorate a simple design to make it a little cuter.
Well until we meet again as always,
May Your Guardian Angel Watch Over You.


CalamityJr said...

So glad you're back! You've created some lovely finishes, and your weight loss is impressive. I know how difficult it is.

tloe2000 said...

Just found your blog on 123 stitch. Your finishes are very nice. I love your family wall. I have one also and love the one about good bye. I will bookmark your blog and keep up with your WW. I just made life time and I hope to keep the weight off.

Mary Ann said...

Glad to see you back! You have been busy with some lovely stitching while on your break!!

Hazel D said...

I love your Family Wall. What a great combination of stitched pieces, photos and stencilling.