Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Sometimes non-stitching can be fun too.

This 1st one was a LK design that I really liked.  I saw a similar Merry Christmas design finished like this on Pinterest and really liked it, so when I saw this LK I knew this is how I wanted to finish it.  I finally got all my supplies together and this is the result.

I know that I had this one on the past post, but I did a little finishing up on it.  I added the trim around and the berries and leaf, along with a very small pine cone.  I think that looks much better than just plain.


These are little pumpkins that I made.  I am not much of a sewer, but I can do little simple things, and when I saw a tutorial on how to make these out of socks, I thought I could do it.  I bought some little children's Halloween socks, and tried them.  The 2 with the candy corn are my endeavors with the sock pumpkins.  The rest of the pumpkins are some I made out of regular cotton material I got at the quilt shop.  A friend of mine made one last year and showed me how to make them.  They really are easy, if you can cut a circle and make a running basting stitch  you can do them.

This is made by making 3 different sized circles, like the fabric pumpkins, then stacking them.  I found the eyes and nose buttons at Joann's Fabric and I made the scarf by taking yarn and braiding it(I don't knit too well).  I may have to make a few more in different sizes of these.
Well there you have it.

 Right now I am working on stitching some more Halloween ornaments for my Halloween tree. Probably the next post will be of them. So until next time...

May Your Guardian Angel Watch Over You

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