Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Newest Member of My Family

Back in February I wrote a post dedicated to the passing of "THE BOSS".  All my friends and family kept asking me when and if I was going to get another pet.  I told them that when I got another one it would be because I wanted another one, not because I just wanted something to fill the void losing my furbaby caused.  Well, I found an organization called Hospice Hearts here in Illinois.  This organization takes in cats and dogs when they can, from situations like their humans have become ill, gone into a nursing home, or have passed away.  They foster them until the can find a forever home.  They had a picture of a 10 yr old cat whose human had died of a brain tumor. They were very close and she was having a difficult time adjusting.  She wasn't used to being around other cats so she needed to be in a home that was a single cat household.  My heart went out to her, and since I am 64 yrs old myself, I really didn't want to get a kitten and run the risk of having something happen to me and someone else having to find a home for my pet.  So I contacted Hospice Hearts and applied to take MiMi.

Meet MiMi...........
When they brought her, she would have nothing to do with me.  If I got close to her, she hissed at me and swatted.  So I left her alone and in a couple of days, she came into the living room and jumped up into a chair across from me, then the next day she was on my lap and allowing me to pet her, but when the phone rang right by my chair she ran back into her hiding place.  Now it has been about 5 weeks, and she definitely isn't afraid of me anymore.  She sleeps on my lap and follows me all over the house including into the bathroom, like most cats do, and wants me to pick her up all the time.  She purrs constantly when you pet her and wants to climb up and lay on your chest if you are laying down. 
Now onto the stitching front
I went to a stitch-in on August 2nd at a shop that is about 100 miles from where I live.  I took some of my WIPs and stitched a little on each one, but like most stitch-ins, you have to check out what everyone else is stitching and one of the ladies brought everything she had stitched and hadn't done any of the finishing(frame, ornament etc) on, and it took her about an hour to show everything, plus the projects she was working on now.  Then of course I had to do some stash shopping, and that can't be rushed you know.  But even though I didn't stitch very much, I think that I stitched enough to get some of my stitching mojo back, because I have worked a little on one of the WIPs since then and hope to get it finished soon.
The stitch group that I belong to "The Sassy Stitchers" meets once a month and this month we are going to a restaurant that is located in a camping park.  We went last year and had lunch, but this year we have reserved one of the rooms and are going to spend the day there.  We are meeting around 10:30 in the morning and stitching and eating lunch, then stitching some more.  It should be a fun time, but that is the most that I can tell you, because we have a motto, that "What goes on at stitch group, stays at stitch group" LOL.
Until next time
May Your Guardian Angel Watch Over You
susieq (69)


Tiffany Pincombe said...

Congrats on the new family member! Mimi looks like a beautiful cat and I'm glad she's warmed up to you. Your stitch-in sounds like a lot of fun.

Robin said...

Enjoy your stitch day at the camping park! Mimi is beautiful. Thank you for adopting her.

Robin in Virginia

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Congratulations on your MiMi and may I just commend you on taking her...bless you!
I hope you have/had a great good time at your stitch in!